‘‘The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’’

Mahatma Gandhi


The Idea

WoofyBarks was created with a dream of a community of women who know and understand their dogs, women who have control over their pets at all times, proudly living their lives knowing that their pets will always listen and respond. To most of us dogs are family, I teach women how to accommodate their new members of their families to live happy lives.


The love

Dogs unlike most animals want to be close to us, it is our duty to do our best to welcome them to our homes and find ways to help the fit in into our lives.

Their love know no end, they will follow far and help heal all wounds. Thats why Daisy my Yorkshire Terrier has been an inspiration to me over the years, after an accident I was involved in Daisy had offered me endless love, she made me feel better and helped get back to normal life after suffering from a head injury and panic attacks. She was my hero! I decided to offer her the same back, and so I read books on dog training, became an Animal Behaviourist and created WoofyBarks to share with all wonderful women out there who need more help with their pets.

WoofyBarks was created in Daisy’s honour.

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